Strike Fleet

Simulation 1987 Dos Electronic Arts Naval

Naval simulation mixed up with adventure and thrill

Strike Fleet is a real time naval simulation which despite the lack of realism is a lot of fun and is sprinkled with a lot of play worthy features. The plot in the game is that you will command a US fleet and take it to different missions through the world to defeat the enemies. The most prime feature in the game is that the user interface has been designed with a lot of emphasis on usability and simplicity. The player has been provided with simple control screens to run the operations of all the units on the ship. Simple keystrokes are needed to give out action orders and they are implemented in real time. Similarly the switching between the screens is simple and you are in complete control of all the aspects of your ship. Moving on, the real action sequences in the game are also very engaging as they have been supported by some really good graphics and some animations. The scenarios or every mission are clearly defined and the game also gives you an option of your own scenario builder. The controls via the keyboard are very simple and the game is nothing short of real interest. So it is a must try along with games like Ocean Ranger.

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