Up Periscope

Simulation 1986 Dos Actionsoft Naval

Realistic, mission based, quite hard submarine action game

In Up Periscope you will be sent on different missions where you will control a submersible. The game is pretty barebones controls wise, as it wants you to take all the activities and take care of them individually. What I mean by that is that you can't just, say, use automation. You need to calibrate your shots each time, manually, using the ship's TDC as well as you can muster. Graphically the game is presented in poor, minimalist graphics, with but a few colors and very sketchy menus and world creation. Yeah, it kind of looks silly, if you also consider that this game was sold as a hardcore simulator. However, the hardcore bit is actually in, as I mentioned, the controls, everything else is on the low side. So, yeah, if you can do without well produced, polished graphics, this game can be some fun. Short lived though, I would assume, as there is only so many convoys you can target until boredom sets in. See, for instance, Search and Destroy, similar in many ways but still a bit more fun and better graphically, even if not by much.

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