The Battle of Austerlitz

Strategy 1989 Dos General Quarters Software Historical Real time

Second rate military thrills

Anyone curious in the historical strategy simulator genre might find this curious little entry to be of interest, thanks to its light, almost arcade-like interpretation of military history and which lacks the overpowering detail of other games such as Waterloo or Austerlitz. However, for veterans, this game's superficiality and lack of historical authenticity mean that it doesn't really deserve to stand alongside the classics and as such is perhaps best glossed over. As you might expect, players take control of either the French or Russo-Austrian forces in this recreation of one of Napoleon's greatest victories, with the action playing out in tile-based, real-time fashion (a feature unusual for the time and which does make the game slightly more interesting to video game historians). The option is there to play the entire battle or just a part of it, while an alternative scenario is also included, while all the usual elements one would expect must be considered as the battle unfolds, including fatigue and morale, as well as various types of troop, including cavalry, infantry and artillery. In its favour, the game does boast a pretty easy to pick up interface which makes jumping in a breeze, especially for newcomers but unfortunately it is decidedly lacking in the gameplay front. Tactics are almost non-existent, requiring little more than a bold charge forward in order to achieve victory, which is undoubtedly going to prove frustrating for anyone looking for something with some meat on its bones. Visually, the game is something of a mixed bag, with some nice character work standing alongside some bland and rather dull maps so when you add in this aspect, the game starts to look pretty ropey and as such, you won't be missing much if you don't add this to your list.

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