Aldo Again

Adventure 1989 Dos Dosbox Ben and Dave Ibach Third Person

Minimalist run and jumping adventure, fun

There is something cool about graphically non descript games; I love games where the graphics are so minimalist to the point where there really isn't much more you could take out and still have a playable experience. That's why, for instance, I love Lode Runner and some other of these early days platformers. Well, while Aldo Again is not as simple as that, it sure doesn't load the game with nothing fancy. You've got your level, your platforms, and your enemies and you have got to reach the exit. That is what you are given, and, granted, for a bit or even for longer periods of time, the game feels great. Because, when the game offers you something a bit more extraordinary you feel it, it pops up, and so, you look forward to seeing if something novel will come your way. So, play Aldo Again if you love a small but fun run and jumper, which also offers you the occasional gameplay surprise. The color sets are minimalist, the challenges are minimalist, but it will keep you playing for long without issues. Alternatively, see the Championship version of Lode Runner for a more challenging take on that minimalist left to right, up and down kind of game.

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