The Guild: Gold Edition

Adventure 2003 Windows Aspyr Media Pirates Historical Simulation Strategy

Economic simulator with a lot of extras

In Europa 1400: the Guild you play as a merchant that is set to create a long lasting dynasty, powerful and wealthy. The game is built in a very particular way, with a flurry of different menus in which you have different options. The game plays as a set of mathematical minigames, but, all of them are held together by a common graphical thread but also by the larger underlying economical simulation. In the start you have to choose in which guild to become a member and from a number of different businesses. They all pertain to the Europe of the 1400 and thus you can choose blacksmithing, tavern keeping, church as well as thievery. Further down the road more options to specialize will appear including becoming part of a political party and so on. To spike it all up, the game also contains a morality meter, that can be anywhere from pure evil to saintly, but, as you would expect, the most economically sound options are not always the most clean. Thus, similar to the Patrician series, this game too has its own set of minigames but ultimately it is an economic simulation. Pretty nifty and well put together, thus worth a go.

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