Gold of the Aztecs

Adventure 1990 Dos U.S. Gold Myth and legend

Adventure mixed with action mixed with fun

It is a diverse game in the sense that it packs fun, action and adventure in a single game and also has some novelistic elements which are very surprising in the gameplay. The plot of this typical side scrolling game has been formulated based on South America where another unnamed pilot has crashed into vicious jungle and is now on his quest to survive it. On the way through survival, the pilot will find the Aztec treasure and will counter many different enemies which includes some deadly animals. The variety in terms of the weapons is not that diverse but still these weapons are very realistic and allow you to tackle the enemies easily. The mythical element in the game is what brings adventure because after discovering the treasure, you will be able to bank on some mythical and mysterious weapons. The game also has a variety of different puzzles which you can easily solve with your conscious thinking. However the A1 in terms of the enemies is very tough and will really test you. You have to be good in your observation and should pay attention to the details. The game is enjoyable because all the action and adventure is supported by some very good graphics which have been used to design some very good and realistic scenarios. The adventure element in the game is as rich as The Adventures of Robin Hood.

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