Thinkin' Things Collection 2

Puzzle 1995 Dos Edmark Corporation Brainteaser Design Tool Math or logic

Collection of memory, wit, logic and math puzzles

I love a game as simple as Thinkin' Things Collection 2, because it does bring in just a little amount of extras to the game, so that you don't feel so alone playing them; you know what I mean, a mascot or some other element of graphics that just is there to cheer you up, sort of like that paper clip Win 95 thingy did, which people just hated so much for being an intrusive creature, hehe! When all it wanted was to cheer you up! Eh, well, I digress, Thinkin' Things Collection 2 is a bundle of puzzles, the kind you must have already be familiar with from dumb phone games (match the tiles puzzles, and the like) or from other sources of puzzle entertainment, depending on your age. But, well, it works, it gets the job done and it entertains you for those five minutes, after which, well it kind of gets old. Mad props for the lack of too much glitter and spunk, as that would have gotten in the way and made the bundle too energy consuming. So, if yoy are like me and like your digital puzzles in the least amount of colors possible, with this game you'll get them. Just as great, the first puzzles bundle in the series is worth checking out as well.

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