Wreckin' Crew

Racing 1998 Windows Telstar Off road Car and action Action based

A racer with some colorful graphics and Mario like controls

I wondered why this game feels so similar to Mario Kart and then I dug a bit, and realized that it was realized by part of the crew that had worked on that very same title, for Nintendo, a while back. Yeah, the wars of the consoles can be murky waters at times, but that's no reason not to enjoy a title, originally developed for the PlayStation, which, as we all know, was quite of an underpowered hardware product. Nope, Wreckin' Crew on the PC looks a bit smoother, it has a longer draw distance, (great for when you can't really go back to being in a constant fog!) and the controls as well as the vehicle behavior is of the same kind as in the Mario title. What this game lacks is more levels, you know, more interesting characters to play against, but even so, it doesn't really matter, because you'll still get plenty of enjoyment from that which it has on offer. Or else, see a more serious Rally game to totally get your fix of racing! Oh, and this one is great for children as well, as it is not too violent or too speedy, plus, you know, it's very colorful and cheerful!

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