The Last Eichhof

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Alpha Helix Humorous

A shooter game to try while under the influence!

In The Last Eichhof you will impersonate a vengeful, space ridden, all guns blazing beer bottle! In space! Oh, I just said that, but I'll say it again! IN SPACE. So, if you live 2D, top down, space ridden, crazy but playable, kind of fun but kind of WTF too games, this one will sure do it, sure enough, in its DOS, oldie, retro incarnation. Yep, there are some other crazy games out there, but this is so old that you could say that its level of wackiness puts it in a sort of vanilla bracket, which means that it won't have as psychedelic an effect as some other games, but nonetheless, it will work great with you, if you are a little inebriated. So, yeah, play it, expect cartoonish 8bit space based shenanigans and well put together shooting mechanics, of course, at the helm of a beer bottle. Similarly crazy, you could get a fix of wacky from Space Dude, a game about a dude in a much more colorful space, from a third person perspective. So, yeah give it a try, see how you find it! Not as oldschool crazy, but enough crazy as it is!

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