The Last Mission

Action 1987 Dos Dosbox Opera Soft Platformer

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Evade the robots, and see Earth's surface once again!

The world as we know it (TM!) is no longer ran by human governments, but it has gotten overrun by none other than evil robots. However, you are by no means a regular man that won't do anything to get out of their clutches, and when you get your change to escape your underground compound prison, you take it. Thus, the game is a level based tunnel crawl (delivered left to right platformer style) most of the time, while you engage in fights with robot enemies, the kind that want nothing but to get you. Thus, the game can be quite engaging at times, quite hard, but if you want top down action, you got it! Graphically, it's not the most diverse game ever; it couldn't have been, after all you're going to crawl about in underground corridors, but, nevertheless, it's not negligently put together either. And so, you'll definitely love it. Plus, the pace of the action is always different, and also, there are (very) occasional puzzles there too (switch levers in order, and that sort). And so, it's a fun action adventure game, The Last Mission, and if you like it, be sure to download RoboCop too, for a similar sidescroller adventure in a similar style and fashion.

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