Last Bronx

Action 1997 Windows SEGA Beat em up

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Warring gangs of Tokyo

Last Bronx is a pretty decent 3D fighting game (much like Street Fighter and Virtua Fighter) in which the characters fight not only with fists, but with weapons, too, be it sticks, blades and other kinds of cool stuff. This is not some classy martial fighting, this is is a war between the gangs of Tokyo (not Bronx, as the title suggests), and they like to play dirty. The characters (nine of them) themselves are pretty cool too, each with their preferred weapons. What I like is that there more than a few fighting modes, including a two player mode where you can invite a friend and whoop his but. The game is 3D rendered with really good animation, albeit a tiny bit too slow. The soundtrack is awesome, though. Very pumping and exciting. Overall, this game is nothing extremely special but it is a really cool and exciting fighting game and definitely for those who like their fighting games with weapons instead of fist combat. I love it!

The best fighting game

this is been an excellent game. for me it is the best fighting game that i have played ever. i request sega to produce the new version of thus fine game. that would exciting. playing this game wont take away any precious time of yours.

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