Last Rites

Action 1997 Windows Dosbox Ocean Shooter Science Fiction Violent Gore

Absolutely horrible

Last Rites is another one of those games that had very high potential which unfortunately wasn't used. The premise is cool - you are smack in the middle of an zombie apocalypse scenario, something that is highly popular these days. They are roaming in hundreds, and you are one of the rare ones that made it alive. Now, you are equipped with the weapons of the highest technology and are on a killing rampage against those brain eating suckers. This is where the game goes horribly wrong - it executes very, very bad. Firstly, it's too slow. Too damn slow. The aiming system is screwed up so you'll be happy if you get anybody. The design is awful and it just like a copy-paste of..well, everything. Everything looks the same, the enemies (if you can see them, since the graphics quality is appalling) all look the same, and you have three idiots following you around that are supposed to be your support but instead get killed almost instantly. Here is presented how to NOT make a game. If you want a decent killing game, go play Doom and Duke 3D, you know that are the classics. You won't go wrong with these ones. And if you're really stuck on zombies, try Horror Zombies from the Crypt.

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