The Oregon Trail Deluxe

Puzzle 1992 Dos Dosbox MECC Word or trivia Education

The same hazardous migration game, but with better graphics

The Oregon Trail, the original was the game that was usually installed in many UK schools, generally on Apple II PCs, and thus, it was widely circulated and well know. In a way, it was the Myst of the 80s in a way just as weird but definitely a different brand of game altogether. Part survival (and horror!) part simulation, the game had you be in charge of a family that took to the Oregon trail, a massive real life migration that took place during the hay days of the wild west. However, the game played both as a role playing game as well as a simulation, finding a sweet spot based on these two elements. However, what gave the game its originality was the fact that it was sprinkled with random events, and, most of them were most of the times devastating for your family/party: You could find yourself suffering from dysentery, your cart could break an axel and remain stuck, you could run out of food or water or be the victim of thieves. Thus, because of these randomly generated events, the game always presented you with a different scenario, and preparation could only lead you so far. Anyway, the same game is brought forth in this incarnation, The Oregon Trail Deluxe, but instead of the poor graphics of the early version this one is more colorful, more polished, but, truth be told just as unforgiving and fun! SO, if you feel like having a blast taking the Oregon trail again, this version will be a lot kinder on your eyes, but just as ruthless on your virtual family. You've been warned!

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