The Political Machine

Simulation 2004 Windows UBI Soft Politics

Election simulator, strategy like/RPG like

The Political Machine is a very peculiar game - a game that borrows elements from RPGs as well as from other genres, namely simulators, economic and strategy and so on. And so, your playing of the game will feel very classic, very familiar, while the goals, the emergent story if you will, is that of the elections, namely the ones that took place in USA in 2004. Sure enough the developers, who also worked on The Corporate Machine and Galactic Civilization knew what they were doing, and so the end result is a very well produced game, a very well crafted one. Where the game is a bit of a letdown, though, is in the graphical department. Here, we only get a pretty unsophisticated, not very polished game, one that only looks so nice, but will not impress. Still, you'll play it if Democracy enticed you but, ultimately, you found it too diverse. Nope, The Political Machine is a much smaller, more compact game, that can be finished in a short time, and so, it offers a short but consistent fix. So, if you like politics and the machinations behind it all, give this game a try, it's worth it!

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