SuperPower 2

Simulation 2004 Windows Akella Business Politics Strategy Real time Managerial

Huge geopolitical sim

If military, economic, and political simulation is what you crave, SuperPower 2 has got a mighty answer for that. This is not a game in the vein of Democracy, where you're mainly faced with different options as you go, nope this is a much more sprawling and diverse game, allowing you to steer entire countries in whatever way you see fit. Yap, the level of power that you can manage to amass and use is huge, great for those with God complexes! But, just as good, the PC will handle itself quite well as an adversary. The AI in SuperPower 2 has received a good makeover since the previous title, and therefore, if you really were looking forward to being truly challenged, you will be. The level of simulation is also pretty huge, social issues are modeled, religion is included, languages, etc. Basically, whatever you see fit to turn your controlled countries into, from dictatorships to the lightest and most friendly of democracies, this games has the underpinnings to allow it. Which can be quite nauseatingly ambitious, but, also, the exact kind of blend for a certain type of player that wants realism, or at least, verisimilitude in a very high amount from their strategy blend. Plus, the game is easily controlled, as the control options are quite diverse and also the game is tool tipped to perfection.

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