Puzzle 1986 Dos Dosbox AcademySoft Reflex oriented

Weird arcade puzzler with playing cards

Shawl is a well produced, exciting and always interesting puzzler game, based around on the idea of card tricks, or card bundle tricks; the puzzles test your logic and your ability to produce the results that you look forward to producing, which takes some time to get used to. So, here's the gist of it; you get a few different card formations, all consisting of cards of different color. You have to collect only the unique suites of cards, by making the mental calculations of what cards these suits might contain. In the process you will also get to eliminate some of the other suits, and the players associated with them. It's a cool mind game, that gets through to you in a few minutes after you play it. It's also a game about taking risky decisions and trying not to make mistakes, which creates a nice, intellectual challenge, with a certain dose of tension, as you don't always know what a card stack might contain. Something similar, in some ways, though gameplay wise completely different is Solitaire, which is definitely, though, a more relaxing game!

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