Cultures 3: Northland

Strategy 2003 Windows Kalypso Media God game or micromanagement Organized forces Real time

If you want to evade a bit from reality, with a nice RTS

Cultures 3: Northland is a great Real-time strategy game that promises enough to be appreciated even from the beginning. The story begins where the plot of the previous Cultures game ended. It presents Bjarni, a courageous viking, that has lived with his family around the secret sun stones of America since he was a child. It is rumoured that his father, Leif Eriksson, is the true discoverer of America, before Christopher Kolumbus. Bjarni is going to live the greatest adventure of his life, along with his fellow heroes,defeating fantastic creatures and surviving numerous dangers. And now, in the Cultures 3: Northland, the adventure is not ended at all, because new experiences await him! There are many reasons to play Cultures 3: Northland and some of them are: a predominant focus on the combat aspect, the more exciting missions, the logic behind all options and RTS elements that define this game in an harmonious manner. It resembles very much with the popular AOE and the amazing Settlers. The only things that got me tired were the confusing interface and the artificial intelligence that brought some glitches during the gameplay. If you want a superb RTS experience, in order to evade a bit from the reality, Cultures 3: Northland is what you need!

A RTS that you can play

This game is not Age of Empires, that remains even to this day one of the greatest RTS games of all time, but it's a recent RTS that deserves some attention. Cultures 3: Northland is a strategy that tries to join the RTS genre and succeeds in offering a good time. The gameplay of Cultures is basic. You start of with some civilian units, you order them to build new building and harvest resoarces. Note that the construction animations of buildings are similar to those from Warcraft 3. After that, you build military unit and wipe out others who oppose you. While the game might look like any of the Settlers game, don't be fooled because it plays like a regular RTS game. The graphics and sound are really nice and impressive. Overall, any fans of RTS game might consider trying out Cultures 3. It might be worth your time.

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