UFO: Aftershock

Strategy 2005 Windows TriSynergy Inc Organized forces Real time Military Military and historical strategy Rpg Sci fi

Aliens are back

UFO: Aftershock is a real-time tactical game developed Altar Interactive and a sequel to UFO: Aftermath. The squad combat elements seem to have been borrowed from X-COM UFO Defense. Just like the other games in the UFO series, Aftershock proves to be quite a hard, but challenging game, where leading your squad properly and assuring their safety is the key in order to further progress into the game. The game is set in the postapocalyptic year of 2050, right after the events of Aftermath. The game begins with an assumed choice that you made in the previous game, which I won't give away, and it's your job to find out happened to Earth after losing contact. The squad combat section takes place in real-time, meaning that you always need to keep an eye for your squad. It was upgraded over the previous game, offering multilevel battlefields and buildings that can be accessed by your squad, however the destructible terrain was removed in this game. Other than squad combat, you also need to extract resources, manage your squads, perform researches, development and some limited diplomacy actions. All of these elements will surely keep the player busy for hours and surely entertaining him.

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