Populous 3: The Beginning

Strategy 1998 Windows Electronic Arts God game or micromanagement Organized forces Real time Role playing Fantasy

Thou shall worship no God but me

The most popular and the best of the Populous series, this game follows the general setting of the last two - you are a shaman, an all-powerful god (like in Powermonger) and all that do not worship you, must disappear from the face of the earth. Through 24 levels with increasing difficulty, you and your people must find a way to destroy the opposing tribes with what little abilities you have. You start with only a dozen or your faithful braves and a small area of terrain, but you can make an entire army and practically a city from it, if you think and organize well. Every level you learn a new spell, and you don't know how to build a certain building until you find the designs to them, which you often have to steal from the other tribes. To win, you have to use strategic thinking, manipulation and sometimes even trickiness. The possibilities are virtually endless and with each game you will find a new and interesting way to boost your performance. The game is graphically stunning and the sound effects are absolutely fantastic. If you're a fan, you will be pleased to know that there are millions of fan made maps for infinite gaming, and an multiplayer options to play the game against anybody in the whole wide world.

Excellent game

Lots of worlds to tame, strategies to master, and other shamen to kill over and over and over till it sticks! The spells at your disposal are very enjoyable, Everything from "Blast", every shawman's best friend, to "Angel of Death", cast this and watch the panic spread as he swoops in for kills. This game was easy enough to get the nack of, not 100 percent intuitive, but the awsome narrator always points you in the right direction.

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