The Tone Rebellion

Adventure 1997 Windows Virgin Interactive Science Fiction Role playing Puzzle based

Alien vs Alien

The Tone Rebellion is actually a sequel of the game Ascendancy and in my opinion is a better game than its predecessor. A 3D real time strategy, it is revolved around a competition between two races of aliens over the Tone, which is the life energy of the planet. You play the Floaters and your enemies are the Leviathans. The gameplay is pretty much typical for a strategy - build city and units, research technology and spells, and build your defensive and offensive equipment for fighting the enemies that will soon come knocking. The gameplay is pretty interesting and fun, but the only objection I can have is about the AI, which is just not challenging enough. But that can be remedied if you invite some friends over to play against you instead of the computer over network. The game is visually very creative and original, and has a very beautiful design and the appearance of your units is very futuristic and artistic. The animation is very smooth and flows very easily. The music is a real asset to the game, very otherworldly and really adds another flavor in the mix. While professional strategy players might get bored with the difficulty of the game, this game is great for novices and players who are looking for some light gaming. Have fun!

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