Zero Zone

Adventure 1998 Windows Cryo Interactive Science Fiction Puzzle based

Find out who killed your father adventure, in space

Zero Zone is an Italian language adventure game that is bound to the future and bound on space, on a space station. You play the role of a female investigator, not of choice but of necessity. You see, while on your mission, your father, part of your crew, was killed, and thus, the entire crew has just become a potential suspect. Therefore, for the remainder of your mission you will have to interview, collect clues, and try and find what happened on the space station. The game's graphics offer you that oldschool later Myst first person view where your movement is done through consecutive 360 degrees static images. I love this kind of adventure trope, and, in Zero Zone, the graphics are also very well polished. Furthermore, what the game offers you is a really well done world, diverse, even in spite of the relatively small space station setting. Details abound, in the way the space station is designed, in the way you interact with everything and in the many descriptions you get. Puzzle wise, you get mostly the investigative type of thing, which is really well done also. I loved the game, and thus it was worth putting up with the Italian dialogues, but that might make it harder to enjoy for you. Maybe locate a translation pack so you too can enjoy it, this is a well done adventure.

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