Alien Legacy

Strategy 1994 Dos Dosbox Ybarra Productions Building Science Fiction

Colonize the star system

Brought to us by Ybarra Productions, the same company that came out with the famous Starflight, now present us with Alien Legacy, a nice space strategy game that is more than it seems on first look. You play the captain of the starship Calypso, who has come to this star system to colonize it. Unfortunately, they weren't there first, but for some reason, the other colonizing ships and their colonies have gone missing. It is up to you to find out what happened to them and at the same time build a colony of your own on this place. The game incorporates more than just combat strategy, it also has elements of city building, resource management and research and all of it is done very well. While the game progresses, the story line becomes a lot deeper and more interesting than first seemed. The gameplay is very interesting and a true example how a good space strategy game should be, making you play the game for hours on end. It is very vast, for there are a lot of other star systems beside yours and also other alien races. The graphics department is good and detailed, with blue and purple colors dominating the game, to stress the sci fi elements. The inteface is organized nicely and it's very easy to navigate on, making it user friendly. The music is consisted of voice acting which is pretty good, simple sound effects and a tune that is playing in the background, but nothing remarkable. As Starflight, the game is very interesting and very good and I think that sci fi lovers will like this game.

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