In the 1st Degree

Adventure 1995 Windows Broderbund First person

Not something you've ever seen before, for sure

Honestly, this was the first time I heard about a lawsuit adventure game (now I know there are others, like L.A. Law game, for example) and I can't bring myself to think why would someone make a game about a trial case. But they made a killer good job with this one. You play an prosecutor in charge of a bloody murder case and the only win condition is to get the defendant to jail on murder in the first degree. While doing that, you have to investigate every little story, every insignificant evidence. And of course, you have to be a shark in the court room. All this is very neatly done, and very challenging too, because you have to think just like detectives do, taking everything into consideration and, above all, question everything you hear. But if you send the man to jail, great. If he goes free, you lose. I have to say that this is a very original game that has succeeded in making a very boring and hated job into a very fun and intruiging game. The gameplay amazes me. This game actually uses live actors. Actually, the game almost look like you're watching the movie and you are the main character in it. Awesomly realistic. The sound is great too. The game has a high replay value, since you probably won't get that verdict at first. Maybe you'll get manslaughter, maybe second degree, but it's murder 1 you're asking for. Anything less is failure. Well, all in all, a fantastic law game. No objections, your honor. The people rest.

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