Thief Gold

Action 1999 Windows Eidos Medieval First Person Simulation Stealth Action adventure simulation Action adventure

Be a dastardly thief again, in this updated Thief version!

Thief Gold contains the original Thief sneaky bastard simulator (!) plus a few updates corresponding to the Gold version/patch, within which, of notice are the new mission included, three in total. Along with these missions, scattered within the existing ones (and answering questions of plot that were not addressed by the vanilla version) this version also packs a few more enemy types, has a few bugs cleared out and makes the game a lot more stable and playable. Therefore, if you want to play a first person game of medieval stealth, hide in shadows, club people in the head from behind and become immersed in a dark, corrupt city, Thief Gold offers you just that. Thief has become ubiquitously synonymous with the invention of first person stealth as a main game mechanic/thing, and it sure did it well. Even today, granted, that you have a bit of sense of orientation, you will find the game very compelling, great for all those that don't mind not killing all enemies they encounter, and who would much rather just go about sneaking and bludgeoning people in the head, again, just occasionally! Great game, great atmosphere, plot holes filled in this Gold version. Plus, something that will be dearly missed in later releases, Thief Gold has beautiful, techno inspired music and beautiful environmental sounds that you'll just love!

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