Gertrudes Secrets

Puzzle 1984 Dos Dosbox The Learning Company Education Math or logic

Learn the secrets of math and logic – edutainment style!

Gertrudes Secrets proposes a set of math and general logic puzzles, very simple, very direct, without a narrative envelope to keep them all together. What binds them though is the simple, straightforward presentation which I found very alluring and which does a great job at showcasing this game's strong points. As you'd imagine from a straightforward mid 80s game, the lines and text (and numbers, the entire graphics set) look minimalist, but, since they're not the central set piece of the game, they won't create any incommodity. A game as good as this one, and as direct with its core gameplay wise, is the Super Solvers series with lots of games, some styled as this bundle, some with a more lush graphical interface, to allure young players. Overall, though, Gertrudes Secrets could have had a few more puzzles/minigames, but with a roaster of 7 puzzle rooms, and a good roaster of variations for all of them (the math ones are mostly randomly generated), you can be sure that you'll get your download worth out of this one. So get it and play it!

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