The Crusher

Arcade 1991 Dos Soleau Software Puzzle based Strategic scope

Arcade puzzler; trap all the enemies!

In The Crusher you play the role of a little ghost, though, given how simple your Pac Man creature is designed, you can look at it as any other kind of thingy! Anyway, what you'll be asked to do in the game will be to trap the magenta baddies so that they will be unable to roam freely in the top down 2D dungeons they're roaming around. However, you can only push the blocks/bricks that make up the game's environments, and so you have to be very judicious how you plan your entrapment plan! Because you need to keep at least one of the doors (there are 4 available, or less per level) accessible. The game allows you to tune the difficulty of the levels, by choosing the number of bricks in the level, the speed and number of enemies. You also get extras, powerups at times, but you have to be very careful with them, as not all offer you upgrades. So walk very, very carefully about! Also, don't let the magenta baddies catch you! you'll have to restart the level! Great game nonetheless, a bit fiddly and well, not that well suited for replayability, at least not in my view, but if you love maze games, Dyna types or Pac Man types and want something of the sort but different, this one can sure offer you that.

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