Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation

Action 1999 Windows Square Enix Puzzle based Adventure

Another from the Tomb Raider series

This fourth game from the Tomb Raider series, released in 1999 after Tomb Raider III brings new features apart from the previous version. This game's gameplay features Lara Croft at the age of 16, when she and Werner von Croy are searching for an ancient artifact, called the Iris. After finding it von Croy is traped within the temple for not paying attention to the ancient warnings that were present at the temple were the artifact was found. Later, Lara makes a mistake by releasing the god named Set, by removing the Amulet of Horus that sealed Set within his sarcophagus. The only way that she can seal back Set was by using the Armor of Horus that is to be located in the temple beneath the Great Pyramid of Giza. Several events happen that conclude to Lara's trip to Giza where she blocks Set by sealing the doors with the Amulet. Finally, Lara remains trapped in the crashed temple which is the end of the game. The new abilities of Lara include hold grabbing of ropes pivoted in the ceiling, and she can also swing these ropes, she can climb up and down on ropes and poles. A new weapon in this game consists of a large revolver that is very effective. Another difference from the previous versions is that the main character is more smoothed. Overall, you might want to continue the story presented in the first three games by completing this game, while having fun of course.

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