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A Miyamoto classic shooter

Daikatana is a very well done shooter, hanging in between the modern values of shooting games and the olden builds that were used for such games. Having been built with the Quake II engine you can imagine beautiful constructions, architecture, as well as nice (enough!) outdoor spaces, though this is not where the strength of the game lies. In terms of content Daikatana contains 4 different episodes; all of them are highly diverse graphically and in terms of the monsters and gameplay that defines them. This is so because Daikatana has a story that takes you in space and time and keeps you really on your toes. The levels, for most of the time, have great builds, with lots of monsters and lots of variety of gameplay, within the very same level. Also, you can wield a sword, the eponymous daikatana, which is a great weapon, that offers this game a really interesting feel and construction. Also, the game has a very small RPG like feel, rather a more action oriented engine that offers you upgrades, which umps you up as you go. Evidently, for a similar game download Quake II also, which, given the engine used, will have a similar feel.

Sometimes good, somethimes bad..

Daikatana is a first person shooter game that mostly reminds me of Tomb Raider series for its level design and inventory, otherwise it looks like (or at least tries to look like) Quake. The game was much talked about and there are a few bad and good things about the game. The good comes first - the game in my opinion has a very nice exploring atmosphere and I like the game's design - both level design and the game overall - maybe contrary to common belief. I like the 3D graphics and steampunk weapons system. I also like the depth and detail of the game and the fact that there is a lot of it to play. What I did not like is the game's difficulty. The game varies from insanely easy to extremely hard and it's like it can't definitely decide on either. The game is not 100 percent good and it's not a game where you go without ever pressing the shoot button for the so many enemies, but the game has a nice atmosphere about it and it can be real fun. I liked the game, but I don't think everybody will. It's up to you to try and see for yourself.

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