Tony La Russa Baseball 2

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93s top dog baseball game!

Anthony (Tony) La Russa was a badass infielder and later on became a baseball club manager, so, when he endorsed a game he was the kind that actually cared, and that's why this game is one of the better ones from 93. It wasn't a complete departure from the gameplay recipe that baseball games had been known to have been built upon back in the day, but, without a question, it was a well implemented one, a game that was well done, that had outstanding interactivity and was generally pretty well polished, all around. It is rare to find a game that also looked as good as this one did, back in 83, and, well, it manages to look better then most because it understood a very simple principle: the actual gameplay wasn't hinged on the graphics, as the actual interaction was minigames based; thus, the developers took the liberty to put the virtual cameras much closer to the players, thus being able to cram a lot more detail into the way they were displayed, while the animations, as well, were just a hint more detailed than other games of this sort. So, yeah, it's a well polished baseball game, still arcade style, but it is very well done, more so than anything I've played in this particular niche and genre. I think that only much later games such as Tony La Russa Baseball 4 can actually dethrone it from its spot.

Could it be the best baseball game?

Tony La Russa Baseball 2 is an innovative baseball videogame for its time. Released in 1993, this game put the other games in the genre to shame. It had varying gameplay, great graphics and, surprisingly, outstanding commentators. The game was created by SSI, and it really shows how much care the creators put into the game and its mechanice. The game might seem complicated at first, due to the high number of menus in which the player has to work with, but it's essentially a fun game. You can either assume direct control of the players on the field or you can manage the whole team, its strategies and how the players on the field should play. You can also do a lot of editing in the game, do managerial work on the spot and so many other things that it can become overwhelming. The graphics are fantastic, the animations are fluid and the game suddenly hits us with clean commentary audio.

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