Ace of Spades

Adult 1996 Windows LIVE-BAI Strip Poker Anime

Adult themed collection of card games

This is a Japanese game released in 1996 which consists of electronic renditions of a few games of cards. The games are presented in an interesting setting, as there are croupier anime girls and other such characters ready to show some interesting nude hypotheses. Unfortunately, the backstory of the game or the dialogues, which must be quite gaudy judging from the tone and the pictures that are associated with them, will be incomprehensible to anyone but Japanese people. Given that the game is not translated it will be harder to play it properly, but if you want to sample it for a short time and see what it is about, you can do it very easily. The animations and especially the anime characters look pretty well drawn. The card games also seem to play very nicely but I haven't sampled the game for too long, so the experience might vary. However, if you're looking for a good card game and don't mind losing the nude and sensual bits, Poker can be just as good a game, even if with fewer bells and whistles.

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