Total Knockout Boxing

Sport 1995 Windows Starhill Productions Fighting

How about Punch Out! In 3D form?!

A game may sport 3D clothes but this doesn't mean that it has to be innovative or pack some unseen control and interactivity scheme. Nope, a type of game as Punch Out! Which saw the light of day on the NES lots of time before this title pretty much had all the elements that this one has, except, of course, for the 3D graphics. So, now, which one is the better one, or, putting it a different set of words, is the novel graphical outlook worth by itself, making the game deserving of a look? I mean, if you had to pick one, would you pick the original, shady, really simplistic looking game or this one? Here's an anecdote then, maybe it will help you decide! I used to own this dumb phone, but it was sufficiently developed to accept downloadable games, in JAR. format, a sort of portable Flash format. At any rate, one of the free games I tried was an almost one to one version of the original Punch Out! A game, I wouldn't have been able to sample were it not for its simplicity and thus ease of recreating on a very simple phone. Case in point, maybe there is something still that makes simpler games more valuable, as they can creep more unexpectedly in places that you wouldn't expect them. But then again, now with technology advancing so fast, and with phones packing more speed and more power even than powerful PCs (quad core phones, for Pete's sake, are they really necessary?! hehe!) maybe Total Knockout Boxing will be the next step up the ladder, for the new generations. Although, I'd argue, even its better graphics and mid 90s presentation, it still doesn't convey the same beauty through (necessary) simplicity that the original Punch Out! offered.

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