Racing 2003 Windows Buka Entertainment Off road Arcade style

Build 'n' race

Similar in concept to some of the LEGO racing games, this is a little known but actually quite endearing title which is worth a look if you're into driving and building. It combines both aspects pretty well and makes for an entertaining experience, which could be picked up alongside Trackmania Original or Sunrise for a rollicking good time. In a slightly unusual concept, this actually requires you to build your track before you can actually start driving around it, which gives the game a sort of feel of construction set, racer and puzzle game. There are more than 300 track pieces to play around with, ranging from straight lines to corners, loops and so on, and around 2000 pieces are needed to make a single track. When you start out, you don't have access to all the pieces and you must complete various on-track challenges in order to unlock them. You have a selection of cars and trucks to race in, while there are three main environmental types (desert, snow and countryside) to experience, each of which offers its own challenges. While this certainly isn't Need For Speed, it's actually a pretty fun game. The addition of the building element is a clever one and which is well implemented, with track designing being a mostly straightforward task. The racing itself is relatively simple and uncomplicated but quite entertaining nonetheless, with a good sense of speed and reasonable visuals. The main draw though is the building aspect and it's here you're probably going to spend most of your time, as it reall is quite satisfying.

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