Transfer Student

Adult 2002 Windows Jast Bishoujo

Typical adventure, not great pics to see

The game will play like many of this interactive romance novel game. You're a young student (like in Jast's hentai game 3 sister's story or interactive true love game) and one morning you're dreaming about a beautiful girl (visually dreaming, you're get a first set of manga after a few minutes!!). So, at school you're meeting this transfer student girl that is the same girl of your dream. As usual you'll be interacting with many girls (teachers, family members, other students, casual encounters, ...) and you'll decide through your choices how the adventure will turn out. There is a new element, a sort of excit-o-meter that is likely to represent when you're so excited to have a new adventure (you know what I mean). This adventure, although relatively new, is quite worst than many other hentai seen by the same Jast a few years before. But of course, if you're a lover of this kind of games it will give you the opportunity to see interesting pictures. Otherwise better get other new adventures like Horny Bunnies's series.

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