Hoyle Official Book of Games Volume 3

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Parlor game collection with 6 games

The Hoyle series had 2 other games before this on, the first focusing on parlor games while the second was dedicated to card games. This third game returns to the parlor games but brings in an added amount of graphical bang, and also a good amount of games. You can play yacht, backgammon,, dominoes and more, for a total of 6 parlor games. The game had reduced the number of AI opponents but the ones that it pits you against are more fun than in the first volume. Thus, the apparent diversity of the first title might no longer be there, but the way these opponents in this game react feels more gratifying and more fun to tinker with. In terms of how the games play there isn't much to say: the rules of the board games from real life are duplicated closely and the boards themselves are quite nice, inviting to play. At any rate, those that remember the Hoyle classics will find that playing this version or the later, 98 re release can be very entertaining, and so, if you wanted a suite of parlor games, this might be it. Alternatively, you should check out Games People Play another virtual suite of parlor games, just as fun to play.

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