Triple Play 2001

Sport 2000 Windows Electronic Arts Baseball Tournaments

Electronic Arts wants you to hit a home run!

Triple Play 2001 is such an overall ok game, polished just enough, with just enough well done animations, with game mechanics that are just satisfying enough... Alright, I'll admit it, Triple Play 2001 is a little bland, but, heck, better bland than broken, that's what I say! So, why should you care for this 2000 released title in 201x? Well, I found it's lightweight installer and its overall simple controls and mechanics very suitable for playing on my makeshift laptop, a not so powerful netbook that can't really handle more recent games. But it handled Triple Play 2001 like a champ and the game has just the right amount of staying power, so that when push comes to shove I can give it up, but if I need/want to play something it is sufficiently rewarding. So, what can I say, being the plain Jane of a genre can have its positive aspects, and Triple Play 2001 is just the right title to occupy that position. Alternatively, though, if you want something a little more interesting you should not skip the MVP Baseball series, where MVP Baseball 2005 is my favorite. But for not so enticing but good enough playthroughs Triple Play is king of the prom!

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