The Hunt for Red October

Simulation 1987 Dos Dosbox Oxford Digital Enterprises Naval

A prolific submarine simulator

The game is based on a very famous novel of the 80's which made a huge fan base. The plot in the game is that you will have to fake the destruction of a Submarine name Red October and have to take this submarine into the US water. The enemy that you have to avoid in doing so in the Soviet navy who is aware about the faking and will leave no stone unturned to stop you in the process. The game is basically a submarine simulator which has been sprinkled by a lot of strategic elements which makes the game both filled with action and interest. Being a submarine simulator, they have made good game physics in terms of the working of the submarine and the various control aspects that it has. You will have a map to make your way out and have to be very strategic in your communication and progress in the waters. I really liked the UI in the game which is so easy that even children can become veterans at this game. The graphics are more than average and they work in good combination with the gameplay. It is among the very classic submarine games that were made in those times and is still a good option along with the games like Strike Fleet.

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