Tunnels 'n Trolls

Adventure 1990 Dos New World Computing Graphical IF Role playing

Classic adventure theme with good graphics

It is a point and click adventure game which also involves role playing elements and has a very interesting plot. Humans and the monsters have been fighting for centuries until a peace agreement was signed between them. But the leaders of the monsters has now declared that the agreement was invalid and his monsters have again started to invade human colonies to kill them. The only hope that humans have is the wizard Khazan who was exiled and was somehow imprisoned somewhere. So here you will run a party of youngsters who will set out on the mission to find Khazan so that they can bring him back and destroy the evil. The quest involves the player to be moving from one town to another, talking with people and collecting clues and items on the way that can enable to track the wizard khazan. The game also involve a lot of action sequences where you battle with the enemies from a top down perspective. The fighting action involves shooting and the game also has some puzzles. The graphical interface of this game is very good and the brilliant to give a really tough time. I have also been playing Fire King for quite some time and love both these games.

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