Tsuki: Possession

Adult 2003 Windows G-Collections Hentai Bishoujo Visual novel

A dark tale of possession and porn

Here comes another slice of uniquely Japanese soft porn gaming, which most people will find baffling or just plain offensive, but which fans of this narrow niche will probably find of interest. It is a little darker in tone than many similar games and is perhaps best compared to Virgin Roster than Shuffle! As is so often the way in these games, you take control of a young sex-obsessed guy who finds himself caught up in a bizarre adventure. Here, he wakes up one day to find that a dark spirit has taken over his mind and which makes him take over the people he knows as slaves. Your quest takes you through some pretty bizarre encounters which are definitely for adults only and which sees the boy eventually recovering his sanity. In terms of gameplay, this is more akin to an interactive visual novel, where you proceed through the story by clicking through the pages and making the occasional choice which then affects what happens next. As such there are multiple endings to discover and which give the game a bit of replay value. If you're into your Japanese-themed anime porn, then this is probably going to appeal to you. It's got all the usual filth and graphic imagery that fans of these thing enjoy, along with the expected slick visual style. The story is something that could only come out of Japan and which proves to be fairly engaging, in a 'I can't quite believe it' way. However, there is some majorly graphic content which means that this isn't for kids or the easily offended, so beware before checking this out.

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