Die Hard 2

Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Grandslam Shooter Arcade style

Shooting game in Die Hard franchise

The second Die Hard pc game episode is an average shooter game which is based on a movie of the same name - Bruce Willis's ones. The game is not great by any means as it involves simple target shooting where you to have shoot down 3D targets. The plot is also not something to talk about as it is a simple game which only involves shooting and taking down targets. The graphics in the game are not alluring and the level designs are a bit repetitive in terms of the dynamics of the stages. Every stage has similarities to the previous stage and is only given a distinct look through different backgrounds. It is one of those game which you can enjoy for a little time and then it gets boring due to lack of diversity and options. The shooting action is however fun as you can do some very instant and accurate killing of targets through the well calibrated and responsive controls and some smooth guns with varied firing range. The stages in the game depict some of the locations that are there in the movie. The user interface is quite simple and interactive and the A1 is average. Overall an average game to play and there are many better games in this genre which includes Shamus.

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