Turbo Cup

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CGA racer, playable but not that fun

Turbo Cup is an alright racing game, in that front advancing sprite based kind of niche that was popular in the late 80s. I can't really blame it much, as the game, in its niche, is relatively well done, but it lacks any distinctive features. The cars can be controlled via steering and breaking, but, also, if you feel particularly hungry for some more keyboard pressing, you can also choose to control your vehicle's gear shifts. As I expected though, you don't get enough of a feedback from your car to do the shifts right, and thus you have to look at the right hand panel with info, so you can time your shifts, which, while doable is just not that much fun. And, so, it just goes without saying that you'll leave it alone. As I mentioned in the title, the game uses CGA graphics, and, so, it doesn't really impress, but it seems a bit more detailed than a plethora of other games. But, ultimately, it's lack of polish and pretty simple nature get the best of it. Sure, you'll want to play it for, maybe, for a couple of races, but after that it no longer keeps you interested. Alternatively, download Turbo Outrun, to see a real monster of the early days in action. Now that's what I call a great racer!

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