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A highly advanced game

When you play this game, it is hard to believe that it is from the year 1989, since it is so advanced in terms of gameplay that it feel a lot newer than that. Vette! is a fantastic racing game (like Street Rod)in which you can play against a human player or a computer through the streets of San Francisco that is represented much like in real life, and you can even see the famed Golden Bridge! This game includes a lot of cool features that won't come again until years later - a map of the city that can help you decide on the fastest route (you can take multiple different routes to the finish line), in the bottom right corner, a nice camera view that lets you see the car from a multitude of different angles. There are not a lot of options of cars or tracks, but what you have, is very good - the animation is pretty decent for that time and age, and the graphics are pretty solid. There is no realism involved - laws of physics won't apply much here, but if you look at this game as a fun arcade racing game, you'll love it. The game should definitely be looked at or, at least respected.

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