SuperBike Challenge

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CGA front scrolling bike game; classic and fun

If you want to try a sprite based motorcycle game but no longer want to fire up your old dumb phone that could play JAR files, and just feel like firing up your DOS emulator, then you have a great contender for that position in SuperBike Challenge, a bike racer that couldn't have been more of a classic. Alright, it has a nice twist, in that it allows you to play against a human opponent too, side by side, on the same PC, but it also has a meaty, 12 tracks to run within and an assortment of bikes that are sufficiently distinct handling wise. Graphically, the same classic look is what the game is all about. That means a bit of jaggedness, as well as those classic blends of magenta as the main color. Plus, a bit of raster to keep the pixel count low and the game running (seemingly!) smoothly. But, I liked it, and you'll like it too if this style of racer entices you. I liked it as much as I like MotoGP 2 and for me, that's saying something. Especially because the genre is rarely ever resurfaced though it had many great games within.

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