UFO 2000

Strategy 2004 Windows Ufo2000Crew Real time

X-Com like developed by fans of the series

The same engaging turn based tactics brevetted by the C-Com series of games are the recipe for UFO 2000 as well. For a game developed by fans of the series, unmotivated by profit and with no economic score to look after, the title is not half bad, not at all. You can see the rather less quality graphics there, the music which is kind of bland and generally a poorer choice of textures and a lesser backstory, but overall, the game mechanics will manage to get you involved just as well. The game not only plays tribute to the originals but it can also be made to look like them, as you have the option of loading the original textures and the maps of the original game. So, why would you want to do that, you'd ask, when you could be playing the original game? Well, the difference is that the main work of the UFO 2000 team was in the department of AI evolution. Thus, while the assets may be common, within the UFO 2000 platform you will be able to experience even more engaging turn based battles and require an even more acute sense for the tactical background in which to base your options and choices. So, this nod to the X-Com games of old might not entice too many, but if you've played and loved X-Com's brand of tactics you'll find this game bringing them even more so into the limelight.

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