Ultima Underworld

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The dungeon crawl side of Ultima!

The regular Ultima games were all about top down RPG play, almost without exception, but this game series here, Ultima Underworld changed all that up, to create a first person Golden Box style type of deal for the series, to capture the attention of those that wanted to play Ultima, but, ultimately (sic!) were put off by its top down build. Nope, Ultima Underworld is a genuine dungeon crawl, underground bound and very close in style to what a dungeon crawler should be like. It features a really alright 3D engine (or pseudo 3D, alright, depending on how you look at it) which is capable of displaying really intricate worlds, and, thus, can really manage to offer you a lot of fulfillment. Sure, the story is much less top and center this time, but that is alright, most of the time you will be scouring to find your way and to avoid traps, which is what the genre should be all about! So, yeah, play it, see how you like it, and maybe you'll put Ultima on the map for yourself as well, if you're not much of a top down player. Oh, and try the second game as well. (hint: GOG packs them both bundled together, for ease of use!).

Typical RPG elements with 3D graphics

It's a classic RPG role playing game which is a part of the famous ultima series. The game this time brings a distinct plot and some distinct elements to the gameplay and this makes it a very good installment in the series. Starting with the plot, the game has been set in the fictitious underground cave world of some failed civilization and is very much a 3D dungeon crawl. The 3D graphics in the game allows you to see the action in all three dimensions through the mouse which you will use to play your character and to attack the enemies. The underground world is very well designed and the variety in the form of enemies and power ups is very good. The best trait in the game which is also found in the other versions is that you will be building your character at the start and you can select traits such as class, skills and gender. The different classes that you select every time will give you a different scenarios and this adds a lot of replay value to the game. The graphics are great and so are the mouse controls with good UI.

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