RPG 1993 Dos Nuclear Meltdown Productions Isometric

Insulting and embarrassing parody

No prizes for guessing which classic series of much-loved RPG adventures this little parody rips off wholesale. Yes, in case you hadn't guessed, it's Ultima, the epic franchise which has kept millions of gamers enthralled for decades now with its mix of complex narratives and rich fantasy setting. The same thing cannot be said for this poorly made knockoff which aims to poke fun at Ultima but which ultimately proves to be a pointless and rather stupid waste of time which isn't nearly as clever as it likes to think it is. The game abandons the dungeon crawling and RPG elements of its inspiration and swaps them instead for a sort of side scrolling shooter where you simply wander through a few levels, occasionally hitting monsters over the head with your wand. There are eight levels but they are all basically the same with only minor variations in visuals and monsters and it's with a big sigh of relief that the player finally reaches the end of it all, such is the sheer ineptitude on display here. The game was apparently designed by two teenagers and it clearly shows. The visuals are deliberately crude but even if it is intentional, they are still utterly wretched and are almost unbearable to look at. The writing mocks the flowery language used in Ultima but unfortunately misses the point entirely and just reads like the ramblings of a n inane child, with numerous spelling mistakes and supposedly amusing references which just show how foolish the creators were. Ultimuh really is a contender for the worst game of all time and which is best avoided by anyone with even the slightest bit of taste and decency.

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