RPG 1992 Dos Dosbox Teque London Isometric Science Fiction

Party based RPG confined to a research facility

In Shadowlands your main goal will be survival! Having lost contact with the team that was working in a research laboratory, you are the one tasked with researching the premises and finding out what had happened. When you reach there, well, it seems that all hell had broken loose, and you have to piece it all together, while, of course, having to manage your own mortality, as a way of saying that you are under siege!. The game however is merciful enough to allow you to be aided by your party, and with you included that means a total of 5 meer mortals. However, your tribulations at least look really nice for 92. The developers had used a graphical enhancement trick that sort of tricked the eye into believing that the light you saw and traversed was dynamic, which was in fact just a simple yet very useful system of superimposing light meshes over the levels. But, you'll rarely have the time to ponder on the beauty of the landscapes, as your survival is always at stake and the game is pretty spooky when it is not relentless in its action pacing. What you might not find as attractive is the lite Japanese anime graphical style, mainly visible in the portraits of your avatars, but you'll soon lose track of them, when the action kicks in. Give it a go, and also give a chance to Shadowlands, its older brother, released a while before Shadowworlds surfaced. There is more action bound to open spaces in this one, so it may be a bit less claustrophobic!

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