Ultra Vixen 2

Adult 1999 Windows Pixis Interactive

A 3D graphic adventure with fetish sexual themes

Ultra Vixen 2 follows the recipe of the original, offering you a multitude of different scenarios where you will be engaged in sexual interaction with this magenta haired anime 3D woman. The game has a lot of weird themes scattered throughout, puking, sex with sea creatures and so on. When the game was released the 3D might have been the best that was possible at the time but now it simply looks rough and girl really doesn't look that good now. But, those that don't worry too much about the visual presentation and are more interested to explore the themes that the game explores might not object to the graphics. As expected, there isn't much of a story here either, instead you just progress from chapter to chapter, interacting by choosing which new line of dialogue to choose, but also more direct interaction that are permitted by the 3D approach. If you're more squeamish and prefer less graphic approaches to adult games, this production might feel like it's a little too much, but for hardcore followers of the genre it might prove more gratifying.

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