Ultra Vixen

Adult 1998 Windows Pixis Interactive

Save Ariel from the Overlord

The heroine of this game is Ariel, and no, she's not the mermaid. This game is a adult-toy-play game, where you will have to excite and satisfy the girl with a point and click environment and different tools in several contexts. The story has a sort of plot and involve monster and bondage, so, take care to understand what kind of game it is before downloading and playing. Ariel's teacher is a pervert and seduced her. He turns into a monster and starting from there the game throw you into a time portal where the girl will be into several erotic scene. Generally it's about sadomaso and torture, so, the audience should be fully aware of this as well. Honestly I did not like at all. I was expecting some manga such as Runaway city game, but it's about different thing. The game seems to have had quite success since it was followed by a second episode. So, download and play UltraVixen only if you like such kind of sex features.

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