Kamasutra: Milo Manara

Adult 1998 Windows Mondadori Anime Interactive

An unusual adult adventure

As you might expect from the title, this is an erotic adventure based on the classic guide to love, but unlike a lot of adult-themed games, such as Erotica Island, this one actually isn't completely awful. You take control of a beautiful female student, who one day accidentally comes into possession of a mysterious package. While engaging in a bit of a love fest with her best friend and her boyfriend, they are attacked by a member of a Hindu sect. What follows is a bizarre adventure, which sees the student getting caught up in the machinations of the Hindu goddess Kali and her dedicated followers, and which requires her to use her mind and her body to escape the nightmare. In terms of gameplay, this is a sort of point-and-click adventure but in a fairly simplified form. There are plenty of puzzles here but which simply require the use of a single cursor, and which generally have some sort of erotic content. The puzzles are a mix of styles, including traditional inventory-based ones, while the visuals are mostly just 2D still scenes and which lack the sophistication of Myst and the like. For the most part, Kama Sutra is fairly standard stuff. It's certainly not a classic of the adventure genre, with puzzles that aren't overly inventive or challenging but which are reasonably entertaining. Likewise, the visuals aren't stunning and their fairly simplistic nature might put some off as might the content itself, which is unashamedly softcore porn. Bear this in mind before trying it out, but if you are open minded, then you might get some amusement here.

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