Uncover It

Adult 1994 Dos NSG Puzzle based

Bat and ball time

Breakout creator Nolan Bushnell might not be too worried about the number of games which ape one of his most famous designs, but Uncover It might just be the one to push him over the edge. Clones such as Batty, Arkanoid and Bananoid are all very well and good and provide plenty of bat and ball fun and while Uncover It follows broadly in their footsteps, it also adds in something rather dubious and which is of questionable value to the gameplay: nudity. Fortunately though, it does add in a few twists which make it worth a play if you're a follower of such games. The basic goal is the same as it ever is, and which is to knock out a series of blocks on each single screen level, by whacking them with a ball that you use your paddle to send flying around. As always there are different types of brick and a few powerups, such as stickiness and suchlike but one of the key differences here is that you control two paddles at the same time and which are manipulated around the screen. The ball too can exit the screen from all sides, and together these to aspects help to make this a welcome change on what has become an overly familiar formula. The nudity aspect is pretty mild and is incorporated as a reward for progressing through and completing a level but it really doesn't serve much purpose and the game would be better off without it, as it can actually stand on its own two feet in a crowded market. Visually this isn't up to the standards of the splendid Arkanoid 2 but gameplay wise it more than holds its own, so if you like a good bat and ball game, check this out.

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